The best coupon code for an online pharmacy

The best coupon code for an online pharmacy

What is the best coupon code? Well the one which gives the biggest discount of course. However there are other factors which make the final price. First it is important to look at the normal price, because a low price simply needs less discount than a higher price. Let’s take an example:

Example 1:
If you buy generic viagra for 1 USD per tablet and you get 10% discount than the price is only 0.90 USD per tablet.

Example 2:
If you buy generic cialis for 10 USD per tablet and you get 50% discount with a coupon code than the final price is 5 USD per tablet, which is much higher than above example.

So the conclusion is that first you need to look at the ordinary price and only then at the coupon code.

Other factors important with coupon codes

As you shop online, the pharmacy or retailer has to get your desired products to your home, which means you need transport of shipping. You can have a good coupon code, which gives you a huge discount, however it is better to have free shipping instead then, as this can make a huge difference. Let’s have an example again as above:

Example 1:
If you order for example generic ventolin inhalers online for 25 USD per inhaler and you have free shipping that is a great deal as the final price at the checkout is 25 USD.

Example 2:
If you order for example ventolin inhaler online for 20 USD per inhaler with the coupon code, but then the shipping is 20 USD the final price you need to pay is 45 USD.

We see the shipping price makes a big influence and can easily offset the coupon discount.

Best coupon code for online pharmacy

We think, taking all the above into consideration that low prices are always preferred and not the biggest discount with coupon codes. Therefore for us the best online pharmacy is the one named “pharmacy xl” as this drugstore has always low prices 70% cheaper than their competitors and on top they have 10% extra discount with the coupon code “neu6Wt386N” and they also have free shipping to most countries and on 99% of their product portfolio. Freel free to check them out and how much you can save here …

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